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Snake in the Grass (2015)

A gripping drama with haunting consequences ...

Jun 27th to Jul 4th 2015

Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Deb Relton-Elves

A gripping drama with haunting consequences ...

What is a ghost? Is it a spectre? A phantom? That shadow in the corner of your eye?
The figure at the end of your bed? The breath on the back of your neck?
Or do we carry them with us? In our deepest thoughts? Our wildest imaginations? Our darkest memories?
These are the questions that sisters Annabel and Miriam Chester will be forced to answer.
With tensions between the pair fraying, and their late father's vicious nurse Alice prowling the grounds intent on vengeance, one answer will become terrifyingly clear: their ghosts are very real.