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Criterion Theatre
3 Women
Written by Katy Brand
Director – Bill Butler
Sound Designer – Becky Bartlett
Lighting Designer – Sarah Basford
Props – Sally Patalong
Props – Erica Young
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Artwork Design – David Butler
Set Designer – Mandy Sutton
The Play

The production run is planned to be late June 2021. The dates of performance are to be confirmed in accordance with assessment of the Covid-19 situation and subject to performance rights availability. 

Play Information
3 Women is a funny and frank play by comedian and writer Katy Brand. The story places three generations of women from the same family in a hotel suite for on the evening before a wedding. As the evening progresses and the champagne flows, their resentments old and new surface, alongside their family bonds and affections. The play considers their experiences as women of different generations in a funny and engaging way as the wedding approaches.

Bill Butler will be directing this play. He intends to cast the play and to hold initial rehearsals online with a view to having the play ready to stage at the Criterion as soon as we are able.

Open auditions are by appointment in the week commencing 15th March. The auditions will be held online. Those interested in auditioning should contact Bill at 

You do not have to be a Criterion member to audition for a role. Auditions and casting are exercised in accordance with our EDI policy.

EDI Information
In line with our EDI policy, we undertake an EDI impact assessment of all our artistic programming. '3 Women' by Katy Brand has a diversity message at its centre, including issues of gender identity. The playwright specifies that one character should be of mixed heritage and the story would be enhanced by looking for multi-ethnic and gender identity fluidity within casting.

Suzanne: able to play 40s, a bit soft and scruffy, Laurie’s mother, Eleanor’s daughter
Eleanor: able to play 60s, elegant and well put together. Suzanne’s mother and Laurie’s grandmother
Laurie: able to play 18, androgynous, ideally mixed heritage. Suzanne’s daughter and Eleanor’s granddaughter
Rufus: able to play early 20s, provider of room service, androgynous, drifting but open.

Reviews of the play:

"Many snappy returns in Katy Brand's barbed drama..." The Guardian

Insightful and funny...I really recommend this." Jane Garvey, Women's Hour Radio 4.

"One of the funniest pieces of new writing we've had the pleasure to sit through this year" Mostagigz

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