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Criterion Theatre
Two (2022)
Written by Jim Cartwight
Sat 12th March to Sat 19th March

1 pub. 14 different characters. 2 actors.

Director – Helen Withers
Landlady – Cathryn Bowler
Landlord – Gareth Cooper
Stage Manager – Steve Withers
The Play

TWO is hilarious, yet heart-breaking, and presents a slice of working-class life in a Northern local pub. With a constantly quarrelling landlord and landlady, and the dozen regulars pulling up a stool, all life is present in this pub. It is the heart of communities. It is where people laugh, share stories, celebrate and mourn. Through this range of colourful characters, the rich tapestry of their interconnecting lives is revealed. This is a sharp and touching slice of English life in series of short vignettes that skilfully combines pathos and humour.

Jim Cartwright has written extensively for stage, television and radio with his hugely successful plays (including The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and Road) performed at the Royal Court Theatre, National Theatre, the West End and on Broadway. They have won numerous awards, including the Olivier and Evening Standard awards.

Reviews of the Play

 “A sharp, salty, quickfire evocation of the surface gaiety and underlying melancholia of English pub life.” (Michael Billington, The Guardian)

"Two is a reflection of reality, life seen through the prism of a pub. It examines the minutiae of the everyday and makes it heroic and banal and comedic all at once. But it is also a piece of pure theatre, providing a platform for supremely skilled actors to show their trade" (Philip Lowe,

This play is an amateur production by arrangement with Concord Theatricals. 


EDI Assessment

In line with our EDI policy, we undertake an EDI impact assessment of all our artistic programming. This play has no central diversity message. It can be cast completely neutrally of race/ethnicity. The central story means that the characters should be ideally be playing ages around 40s. The play is written for a heterosexual husband and wife couple. 

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