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Criterion Theatre
Twelfth Night (1979)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 30th June to Sat 7th July
Director – June Williams
Production Photos
Orsino Ouke Of Illyria – Paul Longden
Valentine His Advisar – John Ruscoe
Curio First Officer – Andrew White
Second Officer – Pete Stoker
Viola/cesario – Jean Firth
Sea Captain – Paul Glenn
Olivia A Countess – Moira Fair
Maria Her Attendant – Norma Bainbridge
Malvolio Her Steward – Peter Brooks
Fabian Her Manservant – John Spencer
Attendants – Linda Cooper
Attendants – Paula Salt
Sir Toby Belch Olivia's Uncle – Phil Bagley
Sir Anorew Aguecheek Companion To Sir Toby – Terry Nicholls
Feste Fool To Olivia – Steve Higgins
Minstrel – Vanessa Williams
Sebastian Brother To Viola – Terry Denham
Antonio Friend To Sebastian – Mike Putnam
Priest – Paul Glenn
Set & Costume Designs – Terry Nicholls
Costumes Made By – Maureen Copping
Lighting – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Wendy Browning
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Jim Conry
Set Construction – Tony Haydon
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Terry Nicholls
Set Dressing – Vera Watson
Properties – Christine Foster
Properties – Bette Dewhurst
Lighting Operators – Karen Smith
Lighting Operators – Karl Stafford
Additional Costumes – Janette Turnbull
Additional Costumes – Margaret Green
Sound – Peter Wood
Prompter – Lynda Higgins
Original Music Written By – Vanessa Williams
Traditional Airs Arranged By – Vanessa Williams
Traditional Airs Recording By – Paul Williams
The Programme
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