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Criterion Theatre
One For The Pot (1983)
Written by Ray Cooney & Tony Hilton
Sat 3rd September to Sat 10th September
Director – Geoff White
Production Photos
Amy Hardcastle – Janette Turnbull
Cynthia Hardcastle – Liz Brooks
Jugg – Vic Cooper
Jonathan Hardcastle – John Withers
Clifton Weaver – Ben Lister
Arnold Ptper – Tony Haydon
Charlie Barnet – Pete Wood
Hickory Wood – Keith Railton
Winnie – Chris Foster
Mr. Bowater Smith – Peter Jones
Mrs. Bowater Smith – Chris Redshaw
Designer – Judy Parker
Lighting Designed By – Helen Withers
Assistant Stage Director – Alison Hancock
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Painting – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Lynda Burman
Painting – Lynda Burman
Set Construction – Helen Chadband
Painting – Helen Chadband
Set Construction – Judi Gibbons
Painting – Judi Gibbons
Set Construction – Alison Hancock
Painting – Alison Hancock
Set Construction – Joan Bradbury
Painting – Joan Bradbury
Set Construction – John Brennan
Painting – John Brennan
Set Construction – Ray Burns
Painting – Ray Burns
Set Construction – Terry Denman
Painting – Terry Denman
Set Construction – Robert Green
Painting – Robert Green
Set Construction – Roland Lloyd
Painting – Roland Lloyd
Set Construction – Nick Meredith
Painting – Nick Meredith
Set Construction – John Pentney
Painting – John Pentney
Set Construction – Simon Reason
Painting – Simon Reason
Set Construction – Stephen Urbanski
Painting – Stephen Urbanski
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Janice Bobby
Props – Tracey Ellis
Props – Penny Kuner
Props – Hazel Moreland
Props – Heather Norman
Props – Helen Walker
Wardrobe – Jane Anstiss
Wardrobe – Margaret Edge
Wardrobe – Jacqueline Webb
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Clive Robinson
Sound – Kate Wagstaff
Prompter – Mary Gallagher
The Programme
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