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Criterion Theatre
Cabaret (1984)
Written by Joe Masterof & John Kander & Fred Ebbe
Fri 19th October to Sat 27th October
Director – Annie Woodward
Production Photos
Master Of Ceremonies (emcee) – Terry Denman
Clifford Bradshaw – Mark Wiszowaty
Ernst Ludwig – Colin Campbell
Customs Officer – Tony Haydon
Fraulein Schneider – Jean Warren
Fraulein Kost – Jean Firth
Herr Schultz – Peter Turnbull
Telephone Girl – Linda Dickson
Sally Bowles – Chris Redshaw
Two Ladies – Doreen Belton
Two Ladies – Nicky Holt
Max – Tony Haydon
German Sailors – Phillip Edkins
German Sailors – Bill Skinner
German Sailors – Derek Curran
Kit Kat Girls – Doreen Belton
Kit Kat Girls – Diane Bulow
Kit Kat Girls – Nicky Holt
Kit Kat Girls – Jane Maxwell
Kit Kat Girls – Simone Moreland
Waiters – Michael Hughes
Waiters – Richard Dax
Sushi – Karen Martin-Smith
Brunhilde – Jeanette Nailen
Eva – Caroline White
Guests – Patrick Flavelle
Guests – Chris Foster
Guests – Mary Gallagher
Guests – Vera Watson
Taxi Man – Michael Elliott
Assistant Director – Richard Warren
Designer – Geoff Geden
Lighting Designed By – Ian Knight
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Assistant Stage Manager – Nick Meredith
Choreographer – Sarah Rafique
Vocal Coach – John Dowding
Technical Stage Crew – Michael Elliott
Technical Stage Crew – Kevin Jack
Technical Stage Crew – Tricia Oatridge
Set Building – Karl Stafford
Set Building – Graham Fair
Set Building – Paul Glenn
Set Building – John Holt
Set Building – Peter Jones
Set Building – Ian Knight
Set Building – Nick Meredith
Set Painting – Geoff Geden
Set Painting – Janette Turnbull
Set Painting – Peter Turnbull
Set Painting – Ian Findlay
Set Dressing – Janette Turnbull
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Lynne Brookes
Props – Alison Hancock
Props – Hazel Moreland
Props – Caroline Wong
Props – Maureen Bates
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Jackie Webb
Lighting – Ruth Hermitage
Sound – Jim Nailen
Prompter – Pat Pugh
The Band
The Paul Knight Trio – Alan Biddle
The Paul Knight Trio – Paul Knight
The Paul Knight Trio – Gerry Lowde
Rehearsal Accompanists – Julian Hellaby
Rehearsal Accompanists – Gill Jones
Rehearsal Accompanists – Richard Wilby
The Programme
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