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Criterion Theatre
Music Hall (1987)
Written by Various
Wed 16th December to Fri 18th December
Director – Peter Wood
Production Photos
The Well Known Sophisticated-and-sozzled Songstress – Doreen Belton
Of Whom Messrs Gilbert-and-sullivan Said Who – Richard Johnson
La Belle Dame Sans Merci-and-other Things – Liz Brooks
A Fiend Of Digital Dexterity – Keith Morris
The Renowned Chapelfields Cacophonist – Maureen Copping
The Notorious Northamptonshire Nightingale – Lynda James
Two Traders In Cracked Ivory – John Pollard
Two Traders In Cracked Ivory – Richard Wilby
A Gentleman Of Note – Owen James
Another Unwilling Participant – Bob Djenisic
Stage Manager – Nick Meredith
Lighting – Dave Cornish
Wardrobe – Lu Bowen
Photographer – Ralph Rodgers
Set Painting – Terry Egginton
Set Painting – Geoff Hardy
Set Painting – Fran Hughes
Props – Liz Thompson
The Programme
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