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Criterion Theatre
The Babes In The Wood (1988)
Written by John Crocker
Fri 30th December to Thu 7th January
Director – Ben Lister
Your Memories
Chris Firth remembers ...
This was my first time in a production at the Criterion. The thing I remember most about it was that at the end of the final dress rehearsal, I had bundled up my costume (which I was sharing with Gareth Withers) and stored it under a table. Linda Holmes, who was doing wardrobe was not very happy with this (quite rightly)! She asked me who I thought would be ironing the costume!? At the time I think I thought there was an ironing fairy (my Mum), but after this quickly realised that clothes left on the floor were NOT magically pressed. Life lessons taught by my friends at the Criterion.
Production Photos
Baron Stoneyheart De Stoneybroke – Pete Wood
Maid Marion – Marcia Whitlock
Muddles – Mike Jones
Polly Flinders – Julie Cook
Fairy Nightingale – Vera Watson
Demon Catbane – Stephen Gleave
Sammy – Chris Firth
Sammy – Gareth Withers
Susan – Gillian Allsworth
Susan – Fiona Samouelle
Wuffles – Robert Duncombe
Nurse Jemima Bloggs – Pete Bagley
Robin Hood – Isobel Chester
Horrible Herbert – Mark Wiszowaty
Frightful Fred – Richard Dax
Chorus – David Beardmon
Chorus – Wendy Browning
Chorus – Melanie Douglas
Chorus – Chris Duncombe
Chorus – Jamie Firth
Chorus – Carla Gamble
Chorus – Chris Russell
Chorus – Joanna Sadgrove
Chorus – Mark Samouelle
Chorus – Annie Woodward
Chorus – Melanie Wood
Cornet – William Forster
Musical Director – Mike Riley
Choreographer – June Pickerill
Designer – Laurence J. Curtis
Stage Manager – John Withers
Set Building – Dave Holmes
Set Building – Laurence J. Curtis
Set Building – Sharon Neill
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Lewis Holmes
Props – Gennie Holmes
Props – Tracy Milburn
Props – Amina Rahman
Props – Sarah Thomas
Props – Rene Whitlock
Wardrobe – Linda Holmes
Wardrobe – Christine Bromley
Wardrobe – Tracy Milburn
Lighting – Pete Bennett
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Pete Wood
Prompter – Nusreen Din
The Band
Percussion – Robert Watson
Bass – Evan Charles
Flute – Lucy Hale
The Programme
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