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Criterion Theatre
A Voyage Round My Father (1989)
Written by John Mortimer
Sat 1st July to Sat 8th July
Director – Annie Woodward
Production Photos
Father – Phil Bagley
Son – Rupert Butt
Mother – Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth – Sarah Campbell
Son As A Boy – Jamie Firth
Child – Jamie Firth
Headmaster – Pete Wood
Thong – Pete Wood
Film Director – Pete Wood
George – Pete Wood
Ham – John Marron
Bousted – John Marron
Sparks – John Marron
Mr Morrow – John Marron
Matron – Maureen Copping
Miss Cox – Maureen Copping
Doris – Maureen Copping
Social Worker – Maureen Copping
Mrs Reigate – Terry Egginton
Miss Baker – Terry Egginton
First Ats – Terry Egginton
Witness – Terry Egginton
Japhet – Mark Wiszowaty
First Judge – Mark Wiszowaty
Cameraman – Mark Wiszowaty
Second Judge – Mark Wiszowaty
Doctor – Mark Wiszowaty
Second Ats – Jane Flavelle
Reigate – Chris Wood
Child – Chris Wood
Iris – Aimée Cornelius
Child – Aimée Cornelius
Assistant Director – John Marron
Lighting – Ian Knight
Stage Manager – Helen Withers
Set Painting – Members Of The Company
Props – Lynne Brookes
Props – Maureen Bates
Wardrobe – Jean Firth
Wardrobe – Joan Carter
Sound – Dave Cornish
Prompter – Paul Murphy
Photographs By – Cliff Brigden
The Programme
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