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Criterion Theatre
Inherit The Wind (1962)
Written by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
Sat 19th May to Sat 26th May
Director – Geoff Bennett
Your Memories
Geoff Firth remembers ...
My elder sister persuaded me to accompany her to see this production of Inherit the Wind. I was reluctant and had pretty low expectations of a little bunch of amateurs in an old disused chapel. I was so wrong. The production was stunning; a huge cast of very talented actors, a set which transported me into a realistic courtroom, lights, very professional setup. Little did I know then that six years later, I would be persuaded by a fellow teacher (the young actor who I had so admired in that production -John Hathaway) to return to the Criterion and join as an acting member. The rest is history.
Production Photos
Howard – John Mead
Melinda – Angela Lee
Rachel Brown – Josie Castell
Meeker – Jack Ashton
Bert Cates – John Hathaway
Mrs. Krebs – Joan Hartley
Mr. Goodfellow – John Lawrence
Rev. Jeremiah Brown – Reg Percival
Sillers – Reg Warman
Bollinger – Bill Hurst
Cooper – Mike Downs
Bannister – Malcolm Parnell
Dunlap – John Walter
Hot Dog Man – Derek Barnett
Mrs. Mclain – Beryl Smith
Mrs. Blair – Wendy Yeomans
Elijah – Geoff Bennett
E. K. Hornbeck – Anthony Herbert
Hurdy Gurdy Man – Herbert Hartley
Timmy – John Mclaughlan
Matthew Harrison Brady – Ralph Jones
Mrs. Brady – Joan Taylor
Mayor – George Hugill
Tom Davenport – Leslie Tucker
Henry Drummond – Peter Turnbull
Judge – Ken Dooley
Reuters' Reporter – Harvey Padbury
Radio Man – Terry Brown
Other Parts – Noreen Adams
Other Parts – Jill Ashton
Other Parts – Janet Chamberlain
Other Parts – Jill Chamberlain
Other Parts – Hazel Christie
Other Parts – Maureen Copping
Other Parts – Jean Dooley
Other Parts – Thelma Fletcher
Other Parts – Christine Harris
Other Parts – Mollie Hugill
Other Parts – Juliet Hugill
Other Parts – Shirley Johnson
Other Parts – Margaret Orde
Other Parts – Jean Warren
Other Parts – John Burrows
Other Parts – Brian Warman
Photographer – Nigel Fletcher
Production Assistant – Reginald Fletcher
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Bob Fallon
Wardrobe – Janette Glithero
Wardrobe – Irene Light
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Dorothy Percival
Sound – Mervyn W. Masters
Electrician – Brian Phillips
Electrician – Reginald Hunnisett
Prompter – Jane Millerchip
The Programme
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