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Criterion Theatre
The Power And The Glory (1962)
Written by Pierre Bost & Dennis Cannan
Sat 10th November to Sat 17th November
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Pedestrians – Mike Downes
Pedestrians – Mike Edwards
Tarts – June Herbert
Tarts – Maureen Copping
Sailor – Anthony Herbert
Man – Alan Warren
Policemen – Brian Warman
Policemen – Bob Kingham
Tench, A Dentist – Ron Jones
Chief Of Police – Geoff Bennett
Diaz, The Dentist's Servant – Neil Mclauchlan
Priest – Peter Turnbull
Lleutenant – John Hathaway
Boy – Ronald Cook
Cripple Boy – Ronald Cooper
Maria – Joan Hartley
Brigitta – Wendy Edge
Fr Ancisco – Derek Barnett
Miguel – Malcolm Parnell
Old Woman – Estelle Angel
Villagers – Noreen Adams
Villagers – Molly Hugill
Villagers – Jane Millerchip
Villagers – Patricia Pugh
Corporal – Reg Warman
Mestizo – Eric Abbott
Cousin To The Governor – Ken Dooley
Warder – Terry Brown
Spinster – Margaret Ord
Drunk – William Hurst
Prisoner – John Mead
Lopez – Bob Fallon
Woman – Shirley Hurst
Obregon – George Hugill
Obregon's Wife – Jean Dooley
Schoolmaster – Reg Percival
Farmer's Wife – Molly Hugill
Ramon – Stuart Edwards
Alvarez – John Burrows
Vittorio – John Lawrence
Girl – Susan Davies
Peasant Woman – Beryl Smith
Stranger – Geoff Eames
Decor By – Barry Jackson
Stage Director – Reg Fletcher
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Reg Light
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Set Construction – Herbert Hartley
Set Construction – Reg Fletcher
Costume – Janette Glithero
Wardrobe – Irene Light
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Dorothy Percival
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Electrician – Reg Hunnisett
Electrician – David Pearce
Prompter – Susan Hartley
The Programme
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