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Criterion Theatre
Tales From Aesop (1982)
Written by Various
Sun 14th February to Sun 14th February
Director – Roger Bacon
Director – Wayne Morris
Voices – Colin Campbell
Voices – Terry Denman
Voices – Rachel Drakeford
Voices – John Hathaway
Voices – Alan Jones
Voices – Jane Railton
Voices – Keith Railton
Voices – Jean Warren
The Band
Strings – Jeanette Lewin
Strings – Jill Renshaw
Strings – Stephen Wareham
Strings – Jane Wiseman
Woodwind – Mike Beavis
Woodwind – Jonathan Buckley
Woodwind – Nigel Heath
Woodwind – Sheena Masson
Woodwind – Alison Wardle
Brass – Robert Green
Brass – Lee Hextall
Brass – Sally Milner
Brass – Don Robb
Brass – Justine Ward
Percussion – Nigel Heath
Conductor – Wayne Morris
The Programme
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