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Criterion Theatre
Outside Edge (1984)
Written by Richard Harris
Fri 22nd June to Sat 30th June
Director – Jean Warren
Production Photos
Miriam – Catherine Cooper
Roger – John Withers
Bob – Pete Wood
Dennis – Dennis Blasdale
Maggie – Annie Woodward
Kevin – Jim Nailen
Ginnie – Shelagh Conry
Alex – Terry Denman
Sharon – Mary Gallagher
Designer – Doug Griffiths
Production Assistant – Norma Bainbridge
Stage Director – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Stan Bradbury
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Construction – Charlie Lane
Set Painting – Chris Hughes
Set Painting – Dawn Bagley
Set Painting – Juliette Bond
Set Painting – Michael Elliott
Set Painting – Clayton Evens
Set Painting – Karen Martin-Smith
Set Painting – Cathy Wilford
Set Dressing – Tricia Deverson
Props – Penny Kuner
Props – Hazel Moreland
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Angela Reeve
Props – Jackie Webb
Wardrobe – Chris Foster
Wardrobe – Joan Bradbury
Wardrobe – Catherine Everson
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Sound – Ruth Hermitage
Sound – Nick Meredith
Prompter – Bill Skinner
Photographs By – Ralph Rodgers
The Programme
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