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Criterion Theatre
Death Trap (1984)
Written by Ira Levin
Fri 7th September to Sat 15th September
Director – Helen Withers
Production Photos
Sidney Bruhl – Graham Fair
Myra Bruhl – Caroline White
Clifford Anderson – Colin Campbell
Helga Ten Dorp – Chris Foster
Porter Milgrim – Peter Brooks
Designer – Louise Bagley
Lighting Designer – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Ben Lister
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Set Construction – Sarah Bailey
Set Construction – Juliette Bond
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Construction – Derek Curran
Set Construction – Richard Dax
Set Construction – Clayton Evens
Set Construction – Ian Findlay
Set Construction – Patrick Flavelle
Set Construction – Karen Martin-Smith
Set Construction – Mark Protheroe
Props – Tricia Deverson
Props – June Hill
Props – Sarah Patalong
Wardrobe – Val Plumb
Wardrobe – Jackie Webb
Lighting Operator – Ian Knight
Sound Compiler – Nick Meredith
Prompter – Mary Gallagher
Photographs – Ralph Rodgers
The Programme
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