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Criterion Theatre
Our Town (1964)
Written by Thornton Wilder
Sat 16th May to Sat 16th May
Director – John Walter
Mrs. Gibbs – Wendy Edge
Howie Newsome – Charles Garner
Dr. Gibbs – Derek Barnett
Mrs. Webb – Janet Chamberlain
Stage Manager – Neil Mclauchlan
Joe Crowell – Michael Smith
George Gibbs – John Walter
Rebecca Gibbs – Leslie Hardy
Emily Webb – Janet Luckman
Wally Webb – Michael Smith
Mr. Webb – Paul Smith
Woman In Audience – Bronwyn Robertson
Man In Audience – Mervyn Masters
Simon Stimson – Thomas Hall
Professor Willard – John Burrows
Constable Warren – Robert Hipwell
Mrs. Soames – Yvonne Lear
Si Crowell – David Brown
First Baseball Player – Peter Ross
Second Woman In Audience – Sylvia Tanner
Wedding Photographer – Jon Hall
Sam Craig – John Crofts
People Of The Town – Jill Dalton
People Of The Town – Sylvia Tanner
Second Baseball Player – Richard King
Joe Stoddard – John Burrows
People Of The Town – Ann Fitzpatrick
People Of The Town – Astrida Loze
People Of The Town – Barbara Burr
People Of The Town – Bronwyn Robertson
People Of The Town – Nigel Blackwell
People Of The Town – Lynne Boddington
People Of The Town – Jill Chamberlain
People Of The Town – Jean Mowlam
Box Office – Eva Purvis
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Stage Director – Michael Hartley
Box Office – Hilda Sparkes
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Lighting – Reg Hunnisett
The Programme
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