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Criterion Theatre
I Remember Mama (1965)
Written by John Van Druten
Thu 21st January to Sat 23rd January
Director – John Walter
Katrin Hanson – Janet Luckman
Mama – Yvonne Lear
Papa – Pete Wood
Dagmar Hanson – Lesley Hardy
Christine Hanson – Jill Chamberlain
Mr Hyde – John Burrows
Nels Hanson – John Crofts
Aunt Trina – Gillian Wilkins
Aunt Jenny – Vandra Edwards
Aunt Sigrid – Anne Suffolk
Uncle Chris – Paul Smith
Jessie – Bronwyn Robertson
Dr Johnson – Bob Hipwell
Mr Thorkelson – Neil Mclauchlan
A Nurse – Sylvia Tanner
Arne – Michael Smith
Another Nurse – Jill Lenton
Soda Clerk – David Brown
Madeline – Jill Dalton
Dorothy – Pat Bedford
Hotel Guest – Susan Davies
Florence Dana Moorhead – Janet Chamberlain
Uncle Elizabeth – Casca Crofts
Set Design – Alasdair Burman
Painting – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Michael Hartley
Lighting Effects – Brian Tuck
Sound Effects – Mervyn Masters
Prompter – Carol Baker
The Programme
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