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Criterion Theatre
Cinderella Through A Distorted Mirror (1966)
Written by John Walter
Tue 18th January to Sat 22nd January
The Director – John Walter
Director – John Walter
Production Photos
Prologue – Jill Chamberlain
Good Fairy – Yvonne Lear
A Courling Couple – Bob Hipwell
A Courling Couple – Unknown Talbot
A Tree – Grahame Faxon
Wicked Fairy – John Burrows
Cinderella – Gillian Wilkinson
A Stage Hand – David Brown
Dandini – Kathleen Lawson
Prince Charming – Keith Railton
Patrick – Sylvia Tanner
Michael – Mark Bolt
A Serving Wench – Pat Bedford
An Athlete – Robert Davenport
A Large Man In A Gass Mask – Pat Laurence
A Small Man In A Mackintosh – Bernard Brownsword
A Second Stage Hand – Robert Davenport
Baron Hardup – John Crofts
Buttons – John Walter
A Grandfather Clock – Peter Wood
Clarabelle Hardup – Jill Lenton
Clarissa Hardup – Margaret Seymour
Ermintrude Hardup – Bronwyn Robertson
A Man In A Dusttbin – Bernard Brownsword
The Palace Secretary – Susan Davies
Lady Hortensia Ponsenbury Smith – Janett Chamberlain
Barones Lewisham – Valerie Parsons
An Athlete Without Trousers – Robert Davenport
Cecil Bare – Grahame Faxon
Emilia Enre – Jill Dalton
Freda Bare – Louise Robertson
Sir Anthony Haystack – Robert Hipwell
A Grandfather Clock Remover – Peter Wood
The Second Interval – John Pedrick
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Bridgette Arundell
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Halina Calak
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Chrystina Calak
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Anna Challenor
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Sharron Gamble
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Deberah Greetham
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Julie Grimmett
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Anne Haselock
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Dianne Jones
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Karen Mccarty
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Susan Small
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Irene Srymidt
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Jennifer Thompson
Baby Fairies And Pixies – Anne Thonsett
The Stage Manager – Michael Hartley
The Electrician – Brian Tuck
The Sound Man – Mervyn Masters
Written By – John Walter
Set Designed – John Burrows
Painted By – John Burrows
Stage Director – Michael Hartley
Lighting Designer – Brian Tuck
Sound Recording By – Mervyn Masters
Sound Recording By – Steve Brookes
Property Mistress – Janet Luckman
Visual Prompter – Casca Crofts
Baby Fairies Training – Orme School Of Dancing Earlsdon
The Band
The Piannist – Richard Atkins
Musical Accompaniment – Richard Atkins
The Programme
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