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Criterion Theatre
Reluctant Heroes (1969)
Written by Colin Morris
Sat 6th December to Sat 13th December
Director – Geoff Bennett
Private Morgan, J. – Ian Hopwood
Tone, M.B. – Geoff Firth
Sergeant Bell – Alan Warren
Gregory, H. – Keith Railton
Sergeant McKenzie – Phil Bagley
Medical Orderly – Steve Higgins
Private Pat Thompson – Moira Gatehouse
Private Penny Raymond – Wendy Browning
Captain Percy – Denzil Pugh
Scots Soldier – Tom Veasey
Subaltern Gloria Dennis – Maureen D'Albertanson
Setting – Barry Jackson
Stage Director – Reg Fletcher
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Barry Jackson
Set Construction – Graham Fair
Set Construction – George Hugill
Wardrobe – Wendy Anderson
Wardrobe – June Herbert
Properties – Mollie Hugill
Properties – Thelma Fletcher
Properties – Mandy Hartley
Lighting – Phil Bagley
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Properties – Helen Jones
Bar Manager – Richard Evans
Coffee Bar – Sue Lawrence
Box Office – Hilda Sparkes
Set Construction – John Lawrence
The Programme
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