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Criterion Theatre
Celebration (1970)
Written by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Sat 24th January to Sat 31st January
Director – Jean Warren
Director – Jim Conry
Christine Lucas – Helen Withers
Rhoda Lucas (her Mother) – Joan Hartley
Edgar Lucas (her Father) – Geoff White
Jack Lucas (her Brother) – Graham Fair
Irene Howes (her Cousin) – Wendy Anderson
Lilian Howes (her Aunt) – Mollie Hugill
Frank Broadbent (her Uncle) – Terry Brown
Stan Dyson (frene's Fiancé) – Steve Higgins
Bernard Fuller – John Withers
Edna Fuller (his Mother) – Joyce Chavner
Alice Fuller (his Aunt) – Vera Watson
Lionel Fuller (his Cousin) – Joe Dunn
Margo Fuller (his Cousin's Wife) – June Herbert
Rhoda Lucas – Joan Hartley
Stan Dyson – Steve Higgins
Christine Fuller – Helen Withers
May Beckett – Joan Taylor
Sgt. Major Tommy Lodge – Herbert Hartley
Stage Director – George Hugill
Stage Manager – John Crofts
Set Construction – John Crofts
Set Construction – Reg Light
Set Construction – Fred Beards
Set Construction – John Burrows
Set Construction – Arthur Mccaffrey
Wardrobe – Wendy Browning
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Properties – Moira Gatehouse
Properties – Pete Bagley
Lighting – H. F. Jones
Lighting – John Hathaway
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Prompter – Carol Pooley
The Programme
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