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Criterion Theatre
Hay Fever (1972)
Written by Noel Coward
Sat 22nd January to Sat 29th January
Director – Bob Morley
Production Photos
Judith Bliss – Jean Warren
David Bliss – Ken Wilkinson
Sorel Bliss – Helen Withers
Simon Bliss – Steve Higgins
Myra Arundel – June Herbert
Richard Greatham – John Crofts
Jackie Coryton – Jenni Furnish
Sandy Tyrell – Stephen Brookes
Clara – Joan Hartley
Designer – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Chris Smith
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Neil Stanlick
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Construction – Jeff Fletcher
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Reg Fletcher
Set Construction – Tom Jones
Wardrobe – Shelagh Morris
Wardrobe – Sue Faxon
Set Decoration – Janette Turnbull
Set Decoration – Julia Green
Properties – Janette Turnbull
Properties – Mandy Hartley
Properties – Julia Green
Sound – Budge Herbert
Lighting – John Furnish
Lighting – Steve Frear
Continuity – Noreen Adams
Photographs – Peter Elkington
The Programme
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