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Criterion Theatre
Guys And Dolls (1973)
Written by Frank Loesser & Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows
Sat 30th June to Sat 7th July
Director – Geoff Bennett
Your Memories
Marcus Pugh remembers ...
Pat and Denzil Pugh's son Marcus sent the following memory to Keith Railton who has included it here: “My father played Sky Masterson in Guys & Dolls and I have a feeling you played Nathan Detroit. But it wasn’t just family members who played a part at the Criterion. Household objects did too. I often went along to Dad’s rehearsals. I recall one night a ring box was needed for the moment you proposed to Adelaide. “I have a ring box” I enthusiastically chirped up from the back of the rehearsal. “A ring box?” you said disbelievingly from the stage, perhaps wondering what an eleven year-old boy was doing with a ring box. “Yes, a ring box. It’s an old-fashioned one with a catch and everything.” So you kindly gave my ring box a central part in the proposal scene – although I recall that on the night I saw the show you had trouble opening the catch. It was very good of you. Ring boxes, I am sure, were not in short supply in Coventry.”
Production Photos
Nicely-nicely Johnson – Pete Bagley
Benny Southstreet – Terry Brown
Rusty Charlie. – Terry Denham
Harry The Horse – Arthur Mccaffrey
Nathan Detroit – Keith Railton
Angie The Ox – Steve Hutt
Sky Masterson – Denzil Pugh
Big Jule – Alan Warren
Society Max – Charles Smith
Liver-lips Louie – Steve Brooks
Brandy-bottle Bates – Chris Smith
Hymie Banjo Eyes – Tom Vickery
Spider Mccoy – David Anderson
Brick Mccloskey – Rich Bennett
Lemon Drop Kid – Graham White
Sleeps Elliot – Andrew White
Joey Perhaps – Richard Warren
Frankie Ferocious – Tom Mckee
Police Guy, Lt. Brannigan – Geoff White
Adelaide – Maureen Copping
Mimi – June Herbert
Chorus – Carol Bennett
Chorus – Joy Brookes
Chorus – Jean Firth
Chorus – Jenni Furnish
Chorus – Lesley Hatwood
Chorus – Pauline Purcell
Chorus – Helen Withers
Sgt. Sarah Brown – Wendy Anderson
Agatha – Annie Woodward
Martha – Ann Hutt
Hannah – Muriel Drury
Anna – Sue Threadgold
General Cartwright – Vera Watson
Arvide Abernathy – Ron Jones
Calvin – John Burrows
Other Dolls – Ann Hutt
Other Dolls – Janice Pettifer
Musical Director – Ray Williams
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Philip Purcell
Set Construction – Robert Bond
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Set Construction – John Redshaw
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Neil Stewart
Set Construction – Peter Threadgold
Properties – Christine Redshaw
Properties – Jackie Brown
Properties – Jenni Furnish
Properties – Janice Pettifer
Properties – Joan Taylor
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Wardrobe – Debbie Harrison
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Sound – Derek Drewery
Lighting – Peter Elkington
Lighting – John Furnish
Lighting – Philip Hanley
Lighting – Maggie Crofts
Continuity – Thea Jones
Photographer – Trevor Wearing
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Drums – Basil Witham
Bass – Heather Johnson
Trombone – George Hugill
Sax – Matt Pritchard
The Programme
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