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Criterion Theatre
The Tinder Box (1973)
Written by N. S. Gray
Sat 8th December to Sat 15th December
Director – Tony Haydon
Production Photos
Peter, A Soldier – Tom Mckee
The Witch – June Herbert
Shemozzle – Keith Railton
Kufuffle – Tony Loukes
The White Dog – Tony Haydon
The Black And White Dog – Lesley Calcott
The Black Dog – Jackie Brown
A Weird Face – Richard Warren
Kurtz, An Innkeeper – John Burrows
Princess Gisella – Pauline Purcell
Duke Eldred – George Hugill
Lord Bartram – Terry Brown
Countess Helga – Jane Walker
The King – Arthur Mccaffery
The Queen – Muriel Drury
Voice Of The Spinning Wheel – Jean Firth
A Servant – Nick Marsden
First Soldier – Nick Marsden
Second Soldier – Richard Warren
Courtier – Janet Frisby
Courtier – Naomi Humphries
Stage Director – Bob Green
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Ron Drury
Set Construction – Geoff Firth
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Properties – Jannette Turnbull
Properties – Mollie Hugill
Properties – Catherine Rigaud
Sound – Neil Stewart
Lighting – Pete Elkington
Lighting – Phil Purcell
Continuity Photographs – T&D Photographics
Setting – Ann Newton
Costume – Maureen Copping
The Programme
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