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Criterion Theatre
Children Of The Wolf (1975)
Written by John Peacock
Sat 30th August to Sat 6th September
Direction – Graham Fair
Production Photos
Linda – Wendy Sacks
Robin – Steve Higgins
Helena Vincent – Jean Warren
Michael Planter – Alan Warren
Setting – Louise Bagley
Stage Director – John Burrows
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Construction – Richard Warren
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Dressing – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Terry Nicholls
Dressing – Terry Nicholls
Props – Jenni Furnish
Wardrobe – Jenni Furnish
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Chris Eyden
Continuity – Lynda Wheldon
Photographer – Joe Elkington
The Programme
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