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Criterion Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing (1976)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 31st January to Sat 7th February
Director – John Burrows
Production Photos
Leonato, (the Governor) – Andy Murray
Hero, (his Daughter) – Helen Withers
Beatrice, (his Neice, An Orphan) – Jean Warren
Antonio, (his Brother) – Tony Loukes
Margaret, (friend Of Beatrice) – Jean Firth
Ursula, (friend Of Hero) – Chris Redshaw
A Boy – Carl Bainbridge
Ladies, Friends Of Beatrice And Hero – Lesley Calcott
Ladies, Friends Of Beatrice And Hero – Pearl Chick
Ladies, Friends Of Beatrice And Hero – Rose Clews
Ladies, Friends Of Beatrice And Hero – Jill Warren
Don Pedro, (prince Of Aragon) – John Hathaway
Don John, (his Brother - A Bastard) – Terry Denham
Claudio Of Florence – Chris Smith
Benedick Of Padua – Bryan Ferriman
Borachio - Henchman Of Don John – Chris Eyden
Conrade - Henchan Of Don John – Andy Norris
Balthasar, (a Singer) – Paul Civil
Officers – Paul Glenn
Officers – Mike Varnom
Officers – Rich Wheldon
Friar Francis, (the Priest) – Chris Holmes
The Justice – George Hugill
Dogberry, (the Chief Constable) – Steve Higgins
Verges, (his Second-in-command) – Geoff White
Watchmen – John Bagley
Watchmen – Alan Baird
Watchmen – Perry Costello
Assistant To The Director – John Burrows
Assistant To The Director – Jane Railton
Stage Director – Les Harlock
Set Construction – Bob Green
Painting – Bob Green
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Painting – Members Of The Cast
Set Dressing – Annie Woodward
Set Dressing – Dot Wyatt
Properties – Hilary Edwards
Properties – Norma Bainbridge
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Wardrobe – Angela Morley
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Philip Hanley
Lighting – Dave Neale
Continuity – Lynda Wheldon
Original Music Composed By – Barry Jackson
The Programme
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