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Criterion Theatre
Oliver (1977)
Written by Charles Dickens & Lionel Bart
Sat 10th December to Sat 17th December
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Oliver – Alan Hill
Workhouse Boys – Guy Eames
Workhouse Boys – Nick Gilbert
Workhouse Boys – Paul Hookham
Workhouse Boys – Jeff Hunt
Workhouse Boys – Mark Hookham
Workhouse Boys – Keith Parr
Workhouse Boys – Carol Hughes
Workhouse Boys – Brett Marshall
Workhouse Boys – Barbara Plumb
Workhouse Boys – Adrian Prota
Workhouse Boys – Michael Tope
Workhouse Boys – Mark Wood
Workhouse Boys – Trevor Woodward
Mr Bumble – John Smith
Widow Corney – June Herbert
Mr Sowerberry – Terry Brown
Mrs Sowerberry – Maureen Copping
Charlotte Sowerberry – Jill Warren
Noah Claypole – Perry Costello
Artful Dodger – Chris Eyden
Fagin – Keith Railton
Fagin's Gang – Nick Gilbert
Fagin's Gang – Carol Hunt
Fagin's Gang – Jeff Hunt
Fagin's Gang – Barbara Plumb
Fagin's Gang – Adrian Prota
Fagin's Gang – Kirstie Shields
Fagin's Gang – Michael Tope
Fagin's Gang – Mark Wood
Fagin's Gang – Trevor Woodward
Nancy – Jean Firth
Mr Brownlow – Bob Green
Bill Sikes – Mike Putnam
Mrs Bedwin – Joan Taylor
Dr Grimwig – Geoff White
Old Lady – Jenni Cox
Old Sally – Sylvia Swingler
Londoners – Rich Bennett
Londoners – Peter Brooks
Londoners – Terry Brown
Londoners – Maureen Copping
Londoners – Perry Costello
Londoners – Jenni Cox
Londoners – Terry Denham
Londoners – Paul Glenn
Londoners – Steve Higgins
Londoners – Peter Jones
Londoners – Ed Kay
Londoners – Sue Morris
Londoners – Sue Randall
Londoners – Chris Redshaw
Londoners – Chris Smith
Londoners – Karen Smith
Londoners – Annie Woodward
Londoners – Sylvia Swingler
Londoners – Alan Warren
Londoners – Jean Warren
Londoners – Jill Warren
Londoners – Vera Watson
Londoners – John Withers
Londoners – Dot Wyatt
Choreography – June Williams
Setting – Louise Bagley
Set Dressing – Norma Bainbridge
And Props – Ann Lyndon
Costumes – Jane Railton
Costumes – Maureen Copping
Costumes – Renee Lingard
Musical Director – Ray Williams
Stage Director – Moira Fair
Stage Manager – Ted Mays
Set Construction – Ted Mays
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Louise Bagley
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Dressing – Louise Bagley
Properties – Lynda Higgins
Properties – Marcus Pugh
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Ian Knight
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Organ – Bernard Swinden
Bass – Heather Johnson
Trombone – George Hugill
Percussion – Susan Williams
The Programme
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