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Criterion Theatre
Canterbury Tales (1978)
Written by Geoffrey Chaucer & Martin Starkie & Nevill Goghill
Sat 21st October to Sat 28th October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Geoffrey Chaucer – Richard Morris
The Host – Mike Putnam
The Knight – Paul Glenn
The Squire – Paul Longden
The Priest – Peter Brooks
The Cook – Steve Higgins
The Friar – John Smith
The Miller – Geoff White
The Steward – Keith Railton
The Clerk – Rich Bennett
The Merchant – Andy White
The Wife Of Bath – Vera Watson
The Prioress – Jenni Cox
The Nun – June Herbert
The Fruit Sellers – Sylvia Swingler
The Fruit Sellers – Vanessa Williams
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – Norma Bainbridge
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – June Jensen
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – Sara Herbert
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – Barbara Plumb
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – Guy Eames
Villagers, Inn-servants And Court Ladies – Steve Preston
Stage Director – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Painting – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Bob Green
Painting – Bob Green
Set Construction – John Hathaway
Painting – John Hathaway
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Painting – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Painting – Members Of The Cast
Set Dressing – Neil Stewart
Props – Neil Stewart
Set Dressing – Julia Green
Props – Julia Green
Set Dressing – Mandy Hartley
Props – Mandy Hartley
Set Dressing – Kathy Feene
Props – Kathy Feene
Prompter – Lynda Higgins
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Karen Smith
Musical Arrangements – Ray Williams
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Organ – Bernard Swinden
Trombone – George Hugill
Drums – Roger Bacon
The Programme
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