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Criterion Theatre
Walls (1980)
Written by James Saunders & David Compton & Michael Walker
Thu 30th October to Sat 1st November
Director – Jean Firth
Director – Jim Conry
Narrator – Barbara Plumb
3 – Tim Hands
4 – Andrew Burke
6 – Julia Lucas
9 – Nicky Cook
A1 – Tim Hands
A2 – Nicky Cook
A3 – Julia Lucas
Spokesman A – Carole Hughes
B1 – Julie Gillitt
B3 – Barbara Plumb
Spokesman B – Andrew Burke
1st Soldier – Guy Eames
A Woman – Glenda Brassington
2nd Soldier – Carl Bainbridge
A Man – John Higgins
An Old Woman – Pat Treherne
A Boy – Scott McInally
A Captain – Andy Nelson
Stage Director – Wendy Harris
A.s.m – Anne-Marie Vincent
Sound – Kevin Ashurst
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Lighting – Claire Smith
The Band
Recorder – Susan Anderton
The Programme
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