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Criterion Theatre
Virtue Triumphant (1981)
Written by Pat Norris
Mon 26th October to Tue 27th October
Directed By – Steve Higgins
Mrs Maybud - A Village Matron – Carol Hughes
Rose Maybud - Her Daughter – Nicky Cook
Rev. Cannon Fiddle - The Vicar – Guy Eames
Richard Carruthers - His Nephew – John Higgins
Sir Septimus Grope - The Village Squire – Geoff Hunt
Luke Tumbleweed - A Yokel – Tim Hands
Bessie - His Girlfriend – Glenda Brassington
Mad Martha - An Eccentric Old Lady – Karen Hirst
Emmeline - A Mysterious Women – Helga Pritchard
Octavious - Her Son – Greg Farrier
Good Gravedigger - A Likeable Type – Jeremy Smith
Bad Gravedigger - A Desperate Type – Carl Bainbridge
Bow Street Runner - A Simple Type – Jeremy Smith
Polly Perkins - A Village Girl – Kathryn Rees
Polly Perkins - A Village Girl – Jane Maxwell
Setting – Richard Wheldon
Stage Director – Peter Jones
Stage Team – Paul Glenn
Stage Team – Richard Warren
Stage Team – Richard Wheldon
Stage Team – Kathryn Rees
Stage Team – Jane Maxwell
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Lighting – Martyn Gilder
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Robert Lord
Continuity – Sian Eames
The Programme
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