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Criterion Theatre
How The Other Half Loves (1982)
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Sat 30th January to Sat 6th February
Director – Graham Fair
Production Photos
Frank Foster – Geoff White
Fiona Foster – June Jensen
Bob Phillips – John Withers
Terry Phillips – Doreen Belton
William Featherstone – Chris Smith
Mary Featherstone – Wendy Browning
Designer – Doug Griffiths
Stage Director – Jane Lesley
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Lighting – Martyn Gilder
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Peter Roxburgh
Props – Colin Campbell
Props – Ann Finney
Props – Sarah Howie
Costume – Margaret Clemons
Costume – Vanessa Williams
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Rich Wheldon
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Prompter – Gloria Oatridge
The Programme
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