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Criterion Theatre
The Birthday Party (1982)
Written by Harold Pinter
Sat 15th May to Sat 22nd May
Director – Geoff Bennett
Petey – Vic Cooper
Stanley – John Ruscoe
Lulu – Jane Lesley
Goldberg – Peter Turnbull
McCann – Phil Bagley
Wardrobe – Jill Matthews
Set Design – Rich Wheldon
Stage Director – Mark Wiszowaty
Set Construction I/C – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Set Construction – Dave Cornish
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Wardrobe – Margaret White
Wardrobe – Joanne Grewcock
Props – Chris Foster
Props – June Williams
Props – Jeanette Nailen
Sound – Geoff Hunt
Lighting Design – Clive Robinson
Lighting – John Withers
Lighting – Paul Glenn
The Programme
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