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Criterion Theatre
The Real Inspector Hound (1982)
Written by Tom Stoppard
Fri 10th September to Sun 12th September
Directed By – Jean Firth
Directed By – Richard Warren
The Body – Stephen Breeze
Moon – Robert Lord
Birdboot – Andrew McIlwee
Mrs. Drudge – Kathryn Rees
Simon Gasgoyne – Phillip Edkins
Felicity Cunningham – Jane Maxwell
Lady Cynthia Muldoon – Helga Pritchard
Major Magnus Muldoon – Jeremy Smith
Inspector Hound – Guy Eames
Stage Director – Peter Jones
Assistant Stage Director – Wendy Shield
Prompter – Viv Bell
Wardrobe – Criterion Youth Group
Properties – Sian Eames
Lighting Design – Kate Wagstaff
Sound – Geoff Hunt
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Set Construction – Jim Wailer
Set Construction – Geoff White
Set Painting – Criterion Youth Theatre
The Programme
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