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Criterion Theatre
The Owl and The Pussycat Went To See (1982)
Written by David Wood
Sat 4th December to Sat 11th December
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
Owl – Colin Campbell
Pussycat – Linda Cooper
Dong With Luminous Nose – Steve Higgins
Mr. Canary – Robert Cramp
Mrs. Canary – Kathryn Rees
Kwangle Wangle – David Mumford
Plum Pudding Flea – Terry Denman
Runcible Spoon – Christine Foster
Professor Bosch – Phil Bagley
Turkey – Geoff White
Pig – Andrew McIlwee
Jumbly Girl – Viv Bell
Jumblies – Robert Cramp
Jumblies – Guy Eames
Jumblies – Kathryn Rees
Musical Director – Gillian Jones
Choreographer – June Williams
Designer – Geoff Geden
Lighting Designer – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Helen Withers
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Dressing – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Dressing – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Dressing – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Janette Turnbull
Dressing – Janette Turnbull
Set Construction – Peter Turnbull
Dressing – Peter Turnbull
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Dressing – Clive Robinson
Lighting Operators – Ian Knight
Costume – Val Plumb
Costume – Margaret White
Costume – Maureen Bates
Costume – Janette Turnbull
Costume – June Herbert
Costume – Ruth Hall
Costume – Terri Eggington
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Clive Robinson
Props – Hazel Unknown
Sound – Dave Cornish
Prompter – Jill Parkin
The Programme
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