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Criterion Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1983)
Written by William Shakespeare
Fri 18th February to Sun 20th February
Director – Jean Firth
Director – Richard Warren
Theseus Duke Of Athens – John Hathaway
Hippolyta Queen Of The Amazons, Betrothed To Theseus – Shelagh Conry
Egeus Hermia's Father – Geoff White
Hermia In Love With Lysander – Jane Maxwell
Lysander Loved By Hermia – Callum Thornton
Demetrius Suitor To Hermia – Keith Parr
Helena In Love With Demetrius – Jo-Ann Grewcock
Oberon King Of The Faeries – Maurice Dee
Puck Or Robin Goodfellow – Tim Corkery
Attendants On Oberon – Ian Findlay
Attendants On Oberon – Nicola Holt
Titania Queen Of The Faeries – Kirsten Thornton
Peaseblossom – Justine Pritchard
Cobweb – Meryl Rose-Duncan
Moth – Maggie Clarke
Mustardseed – Sarah Bailey
Other Attendants On Titania – Sue Garlick
Other Attendants On Titania – Penny Adams
Other Attendants On Titania – Sarah Tremaine
Other Attendants On Titania – Nicola Tansley
Quince Prologue In The Interlude – Carole Hughes
Bottom Pyramus In The Interlude – Andrew Mckilwee
Flute Thisbe In The Interlude – Stephen Breeze
Snout Wall In The Interlude – Sue Coupe
Snug Lion In The Interlude – Phil Edkins
Starveling Moonshine In The Interlude – Lynn Gallacher
Groupie/a.s.m. To The Apprentices – Sian Eames
Prompt – Kathryn Rees
Set Designed – Jean Firth
Set Designed – Richard Warren
Technical Director – Geoff Hunt
Lighting Designer – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Moira Fair
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Props – Norma Bainbridge
Setting – Norma Bainbridge
Set Building – Geoff Hunt
Set Building – Clive Robinson
Set Building – Jim Nailen
Set Building – Paul Rose-Duncan
Sound – Robert Lord
Sound – Phil Edkins
Sound – Geoff Hunt
The Programme
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