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Criterion Theatre
The Mad Woman Of Chaillot (1961)
Written by Jean Giradoux
Sat 11th November to Sat 18th November
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
The Lotterie Nationale Girl – Beryl Smith
The Policeman – John Hathaway
The Little Man – Alfred Herbert
The Prospector – Anthony Herbert
The Doorman – Reginald Warman
Therese – Joan Hartley
The Waiter – William Hurst
The President – John Ashton
The Baron – Reginald Percival
The Street Singer – Reginald Fletcher
The Flower Girl – Wendy Yeomans
The Ragpicker – Peter Turnbull
The Deaf Mute – Robert Fallon
Irma – Shirley Johnson
The Shoelace Pedlar – George Hugill
The Broker – Leslie Tucker
The Street Juggler – Herbert Hartley
Dr. Jadin – Ken Dooley
Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman Of Chaillot – Janette Glithero
Pierre – Kim Pears
The Sergeant – Terry Brown
The Sewer Man – Geoff Bennett
Mme. Constance, The Madwoman Offassy – Maureen Copping
Mle. Gabrielle, The Madwoman Of St. Sulpice – Thelma Fletcher
Mme. Josephine, The Madwoman Of La Concorde – Jane Millerchip
The Presidents – John Ashton
The Presidents – Reginald Percival
The Presidents – Leslie Tucker
The Prospectors – Anthony Herbert
The Prospectors – George Hugill
The Prospectors – John Hathaway
The Press Agents – Anthony Dickens
The Press Agents – Charles Bethel
The Press Agents – Tudor John
The Ladies – Ruth Baillie
The Ladies – Molly Hugill
The Ladies – Margaret Ord
The Adolphe Bertants – Ken Dooley
The Adolphe Bertants – Reginald Fletcher
Production Assistant – Reginald Hunnisett
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Members Of The Company
Electrician – Brian Phillips
Sound – Brian Tuck
Sound – Mervyn W. Masters
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Christine Harris
Properties – Gwen Herbert
Properties – Diane Herbert
Wardrobe – Irene Light
Prompter – Maragret Ord
The Programme
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