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Criterion Theatre
The Fosdyke Saga (1987)
Written by Bill Tidy & Alan Plater
Sat 13th June to Sat 20th June
Director – Annie Woodward
Production Photos
Josiah Fosdyke – Phil Bagley
Rebecca Fosdyke – Maureen Copping
Tim Fosdyke – Jim Nailen
Victoria Fosdyke – Caroline White
Albert Fosdyke – Robert Davies
Roger Ditchley – Colin Campbell
Ben Ditchley – Colin Campbell
Mrs. Pankhurst – Maureen Copping
Emily O'malley – Colin Campbell
Pitman – Robert Davies
Reporter – Colin Campbell
Warder – Robert Davies
H.m. The King – Colin Campbell
M.c. – Jim Nailen
Officer – Jim Nailen
Schmidt – Colin Campbell
Baron Von Richthoven – Colin Campbell
Sexy Angel – Maureen Copping
The Salford Ripper – Colin Campbell
Policeman – Jim Nailen
Lighting Design – Karl Stafford
Deputy Stage Manager – Lizabeth Enderby
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Painting – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Ian Bagley
Painting – Ian Bagley
Set Construction – Geoff Hardy
Painting – Geoff Hardy
Set Construction – Ryan Rodgers
Painting – Ryan Rodgers
Props – Terry Egginton
Props – Chris Redshaw
Props – Vera Watson
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Lu Bowen
Wardrobe – Val Plumb
Sound – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Nick Meredith
Photographs By – Ralph Rodgers
The Programme
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