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Criterion Theatre
Lord Of The Flies (1987)
Written by William Golding
Sat 25th July to Sat 1st August
Producer – Geoff Hunt
Director – Geoff Hunt
Production Photos
Jack – John Johnstone
Ralph – Jon Morris
Piggy – Virginia Harper
Roger – Jon Byrne
Simone – Mary Clarke
Sam – Sarah Pritchard
Eric – Lisa Creagh
Kate – Gaynor Pampling
Sandy – Michelle Perry
Sally – Sarah Wrigley
Lucy – Marcia Whitlock
Alex – Yvonne Adamantos
Cari Ann – Sarah Cole
Maurice – Phil Sheffield
Stage Manager – Martin Donald
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Gaz Pitt
Wardrobe – Sarah Pritchard
Prompter – Ann Carroll
Photographs By – Ralph Rodgers
The Programme
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