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Criterion Theatre
Murder At The Vicarage (1990)
Written by Agatha Christie & Moie Charles & Barbara Toy
Sat 3rd February to Sat 10th February
Director – Wendy Browning
The Vicar (the Rev. Leonard Clement) – John Withers
Griselda (his Wife) – Bernadette Wynne
Dennis (his Nephew) – Lee Hall
Mary (the Maid) – Lynne Brookes
Ronald Hawes (the Curate) – Steve Cobert
Letty Protherge – Sarah Bailey
Colonel Protheroe – Albert Pickering
Miss Marple – Barbara Pickering
Mrs. Price Ridley – Vera Watson
Anne Protheroe – Chris Redshaw
Lawrence Redding (an Artist) – Pete Harris
Dr. John Haydock – Vic Cooper
Inspector Slack – Mike Fell
P.c. Jennings – Mike Goddard
Assistant Director – Liz Thompson
Stage Manager – Wendy Stevens
Set Design – Albert Pickering
Set Construction – Geoff Hunt
Set Construction – Nial Adams
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Construction – Mike Fell
Set Construction – Mike Goddard
Set Construction – Albert Pickering
Props – Rene Whitlock
Set Dressing – Rene Whitlock
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Set Dressing – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Michelle Beckett
Set Dressing – Michelle Beckett
Props – Claudia Townsend
Set Dressing – Claudia Townsend
Set Painting – Sue Ormesher
Set Painting – Bernie Lowe
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Lighting Design – Pete Bennett
Lighting Operators – Dave Cornish
Sound – Corinne Brewer
Sound – Graham Robinson
Prompter – Gennie Holmes
Photographs By – Cliff Brigden
The Programme
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