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Criterion Theatre
Larkrise (1990)
Written by Keith Dewhurst
Sat 31st March to Sat 7th April
Director – Pete Bagley
Production Photos
Laura Timms – Katy Young
Edmund Timms – Gareth Withers
Emma Timms – Sara Carter
Albert Timms – Paul Glenn
Jerry Parish – Paul Glenn
Mrs. Beamish – Julie Cook
Martha Beamish – Michelle Beckett
Polly – Michelle Beckett
Mrs. Miller – Eileen Mcgrath
Mrs. Andrews – Eileen Mcgrath
Garibaldi Jacket – Corinne Brewer
Mrs. Peverill – Barbara Pickering
Queenie Macey – Barbara Pickering
Mrs. Spicer – Vera Watson
Old Sally – Vera Watson
Girls Of The Village – Claire Burelin
Girls Of The Village – Aileen Burelin
Girls Of The Village – Lucy Collins
Girls Of The Village – Natalie Coggan
Girls Of The Village – Katherine Bagley
Girls Of The Village – Heather Bagley
Landlord – John Withers
Fisher – Simon Garside
John Price – Simon Garside
Bishie – Nial Adams
Old Postie – Nial Adams
Boamer – Rupert Butt
Cheapjack – Rupert Butt
Pumpkin – Peter Brooks
Squire Bracewell – Peter Brooks
Doctor – Peter Brooks
Twister – Mark Wiszowaty
Algy – Mark Wiszowaty
Mr. Morris – Mark Wiszowaty
Tramp – Charles Lawrence
Stut – Charles Lawrence
Old David – Mike Fell
Grandfather – Mike Fell
Sharman – Tom Sadler
Dick – Tom Sadler
Rector – Hugh Rippon
Carrier – Steven Milne
Sam – Steven Milne
Master Pridham – Ted Crum
Dancers – Roger Birch
Dancers – Gordon Coates
Dancers – Jon Crossley
Dancers – John Harris
Dancers – Graham Leigh
Dancers – Martin Love
Dancers – Jon Miller
Dancers – Allen Miller
Dancers – Paul Newman
Dancers – George Nottingham
Dancers – Brian Powles
Dancers – Simon Sharpe
Dancers – Ken Sherlock
Dancers – Les Sutton
Dancers – Laurence Silvester
Dancers – Nick Ward
Sound Engineer – Graham Bradshaw
Floor Manager – Peter Jones
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Design Of Cross – Albert Pickering
Set Building – Geoff Hunt
Seat Removal – Geoff Hunt
Set Building – Nial Adams
Seat Removal – Nial Adams
Set Building – Terry Egginton
Seat Removal – Terry Egginton
Set Building – Mike Fell
Seat Removal – Mike Fell
Set Building – Mike Goddard
Seat Removal – Mike Goddard
Set Building – Dave Holmes
Seat Removal – Dave Holmes
Set Building – Steven Milne
Seat Removal – Steven Milne
Set Building – Adam Redshaw
Seat Removal – Adam Redshaw
Set Building – Mark Wiszowaty
Seat Removal – Mark Wiszowaty
Set Building – Edward Taylor
Seat Removal – Edward Taylor
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Members Of The Cast
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Peter Shields
Props – Liz Thompson
Props – Wendy Stevens
Wardrobe – Linda Holmes
Wardrobe – Gennie Holmes
Wardrobe – Sarah Thomas
Lighting Design – Graham Robinson
Lighting Operators – Nigel Halpin
Lighting Operators – Keith Higham
Prompt – Karen Lewis
The Band
Melodeon – Ben Woodward
Keyboards – Ian Wilson
Cittern – Ian Wilson
Harmonica – Ted Crum
Vocals – Ted Crum
Guitar – Pete Smale
Vocals – Pete Smale
Bass Guitar – John Mcintosh
Drums – Colin Halliwell
Percussion – Colin Halliwell
Vocals – Irene Rose
Vocals – Elizabeth Rose
Musicians – Pete Grassby
Musicians – Steve Mcmeekin
Musicians – Allan Burbidge
Musicians – Gary Wilkinson
Musicians – Angus Grant
The Programme
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