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Criterion Theatre
Jack And The Beanstalk (1990)
Written by Traditional
Fri 28th December to Fri 5th January
Director – Mike Jones
Bubble – Amanda Butler
Squeak – Emma Padfield
King Umpty – John Marron
Jack Durden – Lillian Jones
Fairy Evergreen – Julie Faulkner
Demon Pestblight – Helen Clarke
Dame Durden – John Mcintosh
Princess Felicia – Marianne Smith
Simple Simon – Richard Hemmings
Jumping Joan – Shelley Hall
Daisy Cow – Eddy Taylor
Daisy Cow – Michelle Brazil
Pieman – Nicky Dear
Cecil Blunderbore – Rupert Butt
Hoagy Blunderbore – Skip Turner
Chorus of Townsfolk – Suzanne Webberley
Chorus of Townsfolk – Katie Overton
Chorus of Townsfolk – Hannah Overton
Chorus of Townsfolk – Rachel Ricketts
Chorus of Townsfolk – Rachel Nock
Chorus of Townsfolk – Nicki Brown
Chorus of Townsfolk – Lewis Holmes
Chorus of Townsfolk – Richard Bryan
Stage Manager – Annie Woodward
Wardrobe – Jean Firth
Stage Manager – Gloria Oatridge
Lighting Design – Graham Nock
Lighting Operation – Graham Nock
Lighting Operation – Brian Jackson
Lighting Operation – Rod Ricketts
Lighting Operation – Graham Robinson
Sound – Pete Bennett
Sound – Dave Bailey
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Chris Jones
Choreography – Michelle Brazil
Choreography – Mike Jones
Music – Steve Cobert
Music – Mike Jones
Set Design – Albert Pickering
Set Painting – Steve Cobert
Wardrobe – Denise Overton
Set Crew – Mike Clarke
Set Crew – John Goodall
Set Crew – Dave Holmes
Set Crew – Rachel Horton
Set Crew – Peter Jones
Set Crew – Steve Withers
The Programme
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