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Criterion Theatre
Candleford (1991)
Written by Keith Dewhurst
Thu 21st March to Sat 30th March
Directed By – Pete Bagley
Young Laura Timms – Katy Young
Edmund Timms – Gareth Withers
Emma Timms – Sara Carter
Albert Timms – Nial Adams
Dorcas Lane – Pamela Smith
Zillah (her Maid) – Vera Watson
Matthew (the Foreman) – Doug Griffiths
Bill – Steve Cobert
Bavour – Mark Wiszowaty
Solomon – Mike Jones
Thomas Brown – Peter Brooks
Mrs. Gubbins – Barbara Pickering
Mrs. Macey – Julie Faulkner
John – Eddy Taylor
Robert – John Marron
Mr. Chitty – Hugh Rippon
Sir Timothy – Chris Old
Sir Austin – Michael Clarke
Mrs. Gascoigne – Corinne Brewer
Mr. Rowbotham – Andrew Wigglesworth
Lavinia – Emma Padfield
Lavinia's Mother – Jacqui De-belin
Lavinia's Fiance – Alex Kidger
Huntsman – Helen Wigglesworth
Cinderella Doe – Linda Holmes
Loony Joe – Nial Adams
Cowman Jolliffe – Tom Sadler
Mr. Wilkins (the Carrier) – Michael Clarke
Minnie Hickman – Emma Padfield
Ben Trollope – Tom Sadler
Tom Ashley – Pete Bagley
Mr. Cochrane – Alex Kidger
John (laura's Husband) – Alex Kidger
Older Laura – Sara Carter
Original Music By – Ben Woodward
Original Music By – Ian Wilson
Floor Manager – Peter Jones
Set Concept – Ben Woodward
Set Concept – Pete Bagley
Set Realization – Louise Bagley
Set Realization – Harold Eldridge
Props – Helen Withers
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Steve Withers
Wardrobe – Linda Holmes
Wardrobe – Christine Weaver
Wardrobe – Lynne Brookes
Lighting – Graham Robinson
Lighting – Dave Bailey
Lighting – Helen Clarke
Lighting – Pete Bennett
The Band
Melodeon & Guitar – Ben Woodward
Harmonica & Vocals – Ted Crum
Keyboards – Ian Wilson
Guitar/ Banjo/ Vocals – Pete Smale
Bass Guitar – John Mcintosh
Drums & Percussion – Colin Halliwell
Live Sound – Graham Bradshaw
Vocals – Vilma Weaver
The Programme
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