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Criterion Theatre
Dracula Spectacular (1992)
Written by John Gardiner
Sat 21st March to Sat 28th March
Director – June Pickerill
Production Photos
Miss Nadia Naive – Laura Roxburgh
Julie – Melanie Wood
Kelly – Rachel Nock
Elvis – Gareth Withers
Landau – Jon Elves
Hans – Phil Jones
Gretel – Doreen Belton
Nicolas Necrophiliac – Steve Cobert
Father O'stake – John Withers
Count Dracula – Mike Jones
Genghis – Jon Elves
Countess Wraith – Chris Maskell
Clod – Claire Adey
Looby – Charlotte Manning
Scrub – Melanie Fox
Scratch – Katherine Bagley
Riff – Stacy Thompson
Raff – Suzanne Coppock
Bogie – Lucy Davies
Boots – Ellie Smith
Dregs – Rachael Ricketts
Booze – Tracey Woods
Air Hostess – Emma Padfield
Air Hostess – Heather Street
Pilot – Tracy Unknown
Customs Man – Lewis Holmes
Musical Director – Caleb Fawcett
Stage Director – Sara Carter
Production Assistant – Norma Bainbridge
Set Design – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Gaz Pitt
Set Construction – Laurence Silvester
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Mike Jones
Set Construction – Roger Duke
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Roger Duke
Set Painting – Laurence Silvester
Set Painting – Mike Clarke
Set Painting – Jo Ingleby
Wardrobe – Laurence Curtis
Wardrobe – Melody Curtis
Wardrobe – Sarah Manning
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Christine Street
Props – Debbie Relton
Props – Simon Garside
Props – Suzi Edwards
Lighting – Rod Ricketts
Lighting – John Bagley
Lighting – Graham Robinson
Sound – Becky Bartlett
Make-up – Melody Curtis
Make-up – Margaret Lapworth
Prompter – Maureen Bates
Photographer – Robert Lapworth
The Programme
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