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Criterion Theatre
Lettice And Lovage (1992)
Written by Peter Shaffer
Fri 8th May to Fri 15th May
Director – Peter Harris
Production Photos
Lettice Douffet – Helen Withers
Lotte Schoen – Heather Street
Miss Framer – Debra Relton
Mr Bardolph – Mark Wiszowaty
A Surly Man – Chris Smith
Visitors To Fustian House – Matt Sweatman
Visitors To Fustian House – Barbara Pickering
Visitors To Fustian House – Chloe Elston
Stage Director – John Marron
Lighting Design – John Bagley
Lighting – Christine Street
Lighting – Graham Robinson
Sound – Sara Carter
Wardrobe – Emma Padfield
Wardrobe – Catherine Mcglone
Set Design – Steve Cobert
Set Construction – Graham Robinson
Set Construction – Pete Bennett
Set Construction – David Bailey
Prompter – Helen Clarke
Props – Chris Jones
Photographer – Robert Lapworth
The Programme
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