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Criterion Theatre
Saturday Sunday Monday (1992)
Written by Eduardo de Filippo
Sat 27th June to Sat 4th July
Director – Liz Thompson
Production Photos
Antonio Piscopo – Tom Sadler
Rosa Priore – Norma Bainbridge
Peppino Priore – Pete Bagley
Roberto Priore – Matt Sweatman
Maria Carolina Priore – Sarah Jane Davis
Rocco Priore – John Marron
Giulianella Priore – Deborah Salvage
Amella (aunt Meme) – Maureen Copping
Attillio (her Son) – Neil Riley
Raffaele (peppino's Brother) – Eamonn Harvey
Virginia (the Mald) – Emma Padfield
Michele (her Brother) – Eddie Taylor
Federico (giulianella's Flance) – Simon Garside
Luigi Lannlello (the Accountant) – Doug Griffiths
Elena Lannlello (hls Wife) – Terry Egginton
Catiello (the Tailor) – Chris Old
Dr. Cefercola – Chris Smith
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Set Realization – Louise Bagley
Set Construction – Albert Pickering
Set Construction – Roger Duke
Set Construction – Dave Bailey
Set Construction – Pete Bennett
Set Construction – Michael Clarke
Set Construction – Graham Robinson
Set Painting – Jo Ingleby
Set Painting – Mark Wiszowaty
Prompter – Chloe Elston
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Kate Brennan
Props – Amanda Butler
Props – Chris Old
Props – Laurence Silvester
Props – Chris Smith
Wardrobe – Sara Carter
Wardrobe – Debra Relton
Lighting Design – John Bagley
Operation – John Bagley
Lighting Design – Pete Bennett
Operation – Pete Bennett
Lighting Design – Graham Robinson
Operation – Graham Robinson
Sound – Dave Bailey
Production Assistant – Helen Clarke
Stage Manager – Helen Clarke
The Programme
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