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Criterion Theatre
Our Country's Good (1992)
Written by T. Wertenbaker
Sat 17th October to Sat 24th October
Director – Helen Withers
Production Photos
Captain Arthur Phillip, Rn (governor-in-chief Of New South Wales) – John Withers
Major Robbie Ross, Rm – Steve Cobert
Captain David Collins, Rm (advocate General) – Richard Dax
Captain Watkin Tench, Rm – David Lomas
Captain Jemmy Campbell, Rm – Vic Cooper
Reverend Johnson – Nordene Belaoune
Lieutenant Will Dawes, Rm – Matt Sweatman
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, Rm – Mark Wiszowaty
Second Lieutenant William Faddy, Rm – Phill Silk-neilsen
Midshipman Harry Brewer, Rn (provost Marshal) – Vic Cooper
An Aboriginal Australian – Phill Silk-neilsen
John Arscott – Steve Cobert
Black Caesar – Phill Silk-neilsen
Ketch Freeman – Nordene Belaoune
Robert Sideway – Richard Dax
John Wisehammer – John Withers
Mary Brenham – Amanda Butler
Dabby Bryant – Gennie Holmes
Liz Morden – Annie Woodward
Duckling Smith – Sarah Jane Davis
Meg Long – Annie Woodward
Set – John Marron
Lighting Designer – John Marron
Stage Manager – Gloria Oatridge
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Llyn Chambers
Set Painting – Terry Egginton
Set Painting – Dave Holmes
Set Painting – Jo Ingleby
Set Painting – John Marron
Set Painting – Michelle Moseley
Set Painting – Alastair Nixon
Set Painting – Debra Relton
Set Painting – Heather Street
Set Painting – Mark Turbitt
Set Painting – Mark Wiszowaty
The Programme
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