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Criterion Theatre
On Monday Next (1962)
Written by Philip King
Sat 22nd September to Sat 29th September
Director – Anthony Herbert
Production Photos
Harry Blacker (the Producer) – Denzil Pugh
George (the Carpenter) – Herbert Hartley
Maud Baron – Maureen Copping
Jerry Winterton – John Walter
The Author – Reginald Fletcher
Jackson Harley (the Stage Manager) – Robert Fallon
Mary (the Property Mistress) – Joyce Chavner
Avis – Shirley Hirst
Daphne – Margaret Ord
Sandra Beverley – Jean Warren
Norwood Beverley – Reg Percival
Vera (the Wardrobe Mistress) – Jill Ashton
The Doctor – John Smith
1st Ambulance Man – Malcolm Parnell
2nd Ambulance Man – John Hathaway
Production Assistant – Reginald Warman
Stage Manager – John Smith
Set Construction – John Smith
Set Construction – Jack Ashton
Scene Painters – Richard Yeomans
Scene Painters – David Pearce
Scene Painters – Jack Ashton
Properties – Gwen Herbert
Properties – Diane Herbert
Properties – Noreen Adams
Properties – Susan Hartley
Costumes Designed By – Mary Wills
Wardrobe – Irene Light
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Electrician – Reginald Hunnisett
Electrician – David Pearce
Prompter – Joan Hartley
The Programme
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