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Criterion Theatre
She Stoops To Conquer (1994)
Written by Oliver Goldsmith
Sat 2nd July to Sat 9th July
Directed By – Liz Thompson
Production Photos
Mrs. Hardcastle – Maureen Copping
Mr. Hardcastle – Pete Bagley
Tony Lumpkin (his Stepson) – Garry Nickols
Kate Hardcastle – Penny Adams
Constance Neville (kate's Cousin) – Marie Kerrigan
Landlord – John Barnes
Marlow – Rob Hill
Hastings – Jason Dawson
Sir Charles Marlow – Peter Brooks
Diggory – Chris Russell
Roger/jeremy – Laurence Taylor
Pimple/bet Bouncer – Michelle Moseley
Bridget/maid – Sarah Mann
Men In The Inn – Peter Brooks
Men In The Inn – Chris Russell
Men In The Inn – Laurence Taylor
Stage Manager – Gloria Oatridge
Production Assistant – Norma Bainbridge
Lighting Designer – Graham Robinson
Lighting Operators – John Bagley
Lighting Operators – Chris Old
Sound Operator – Becky Bartlett
Props – Chris Jones
Props – John Barnes
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Prompter – Caroline White
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Set Building – John Bagley
Painting Team – John Bagley
Set Building – Louise Bagley
Painting Team – Louise Bagley
Set Building – Paul Chokran
Painting Team – Paul Chokran
Set Building – Michael Clarke
Painting Team – Michael Clarke
Set Building – Doug Griffiths
Painting Team – Doug Griffiths
Set Building – Angela Jenkins
Painting Team – Angela Jenkins
Set Building – John Marron
Painting Team – John Marron
Set Building – Chris Old
Painting Team – Chris Old
Set Building – Graham Robinson
Painting Team – Graham Robinson
Set Building – Mike Santos
Painting Team – Mike Santos
Set Building – Matt Sweatman
Painting Team – Matt Sweatman
Set Building – Judy Talbot
Painting Team – Judy Talbot
Set Building – Mark Turbitt
Painting Team – Mark Turbitt
Set Building – Mark Wiszowaty
Painting Team – Mark Wiszowaty
The Band
Incidental Music By – Colin Touchin
The Programme
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