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Criterion Theatre
Wind In The Willows (1995)
Written by Kenneth Grahame & Jane Iredale
Sat 2nd December to Sat 9th December
Director – June Pickerill
Production Photos
Badger – Vic Cooper
Rat – Gareth Withers
Toad – Jon Elves
Mole – Angela Jones
Father Rabbit – Terry Cowlishaw
Mrs Rabbit – Norma Bainbridge
Jill Rabbit – Ruth Blake
Bobby Rabbit – Samantha Jones
Rabbit – Jenny Redshaw
Rabbit – Stephanie Saffrey
Rabbit – Leanne Meaney
Chief Stoat – Chris Maskell
Stoat – Jayne Birch
Stoat – Rebecca Chatwin
Stoat – Lucy Collins
Stoat – Shelley Hall
Stoat – Jan Nightingale
Chief Weasel – Doug Griffiths
Weasel – Jason Dawson
Weasel – Jamie Firth
Weasel – Gregory Cooper
Weasel – Chris Russell
Weasel – Kam Sabota
Squirrel – Heather Bagley
Squirrel – Frances Lane
Squirrel – Olivia Holmes
Judge – Chris Maskell
Prosecutor – Jason Dawson
Clerk Of The Court – Jayne Birch
Police Scrgeant – Jamie Firth
Police Constable – Gregory Oliver
W.p.c – Shelley Hall
Jailers Daughter – Jan Nightingale
Frenchman – Kam Sahota
Horse – Chris Russell
French Spectators – Norma Bainbridge
French Spectators – Jayne Birch
French Spectators – Ruth Blake
French Spectators – Rebecca Chatwin
French Spectators – Lucy Collins
French Spectators – Terry Cowlishaw
French Spectators – Olivia Holmes
French Spectators – Samantha Jones
French Spectators – Frances Lane
French Spectators – Jenny Redshaw
French Spectators – Stephanie Saffrey
Gendarme – Chris Russell
Musical Director – Mitchell Shaw
Choreography – June Pickerill
Choreography – Chris Redshaw
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Stage Manager – Gloria Oatridge
Prompter – Terri Eggington
Costume – Maureen Copping
Makeup Design – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Nancy Silvester
Wardrobe – Barbara Pickering
Wardrobe – Annie Woodward
Wardrobe – Helen Withers
Make Up Artists – Linda Holmes
Make Up Artists – Sue Washbrook
Make Up Artists – Wendy Browning
Make Up Artists – Jayne Birch
Props – Chris Jones
Set Dressing – Chris Jones
Props – Helen Clarke
Set Dressing – Helen Clarke
Props – Maggie Sampford
Set Dressing – Maggie Sampford
Props – Liz Hodgekiss
Set Dressing – Liz Hodgekiss
Production Assistant – Liz Thompson
Lighting Design – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Steve Withers
Lighting Operators – Sara Gleeson
Lighting Operators – Pete Bagley
Sound Plot – Becky Bartlett
Stage Operator – Mike Clarke
Stage Operator – Peter Jones
Stage Operator – Mike Tooley
Stage Operator – Chris Smith
Stage Operator – Mike Santos
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Mike Tooley
Set Construction – Mike Clarke
Set Construction – Mark Turbitt
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Chris Old
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Terry Cowlishaw
Set Painting – Louise Rubacki
Set Painting – Ilhan Civitoglu
Car Design – Albert Pickering
Van Construction – Albert Pickering
Caravan Wheels – Ali Gerrish
The Band
Keyboards – Mitchell Shaw
Keyboards – David Baxter
Bass – Wayne Morris
The Programme
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