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Criterion Theatre
The Matchmaker (1997)
Written by Thornton Wilder
Sat 24th May to Sat 31st May
Director – Wendy Browning
Production Photos
Horace Vandergelder – Terry Cowlishaw
Ambrose Kemper – Jason Dawson
Gertrude – Nancy Silvester
Cornelius Hackl – Tony Darragh
Ermingarde – Chloe Hudson
Malachi Stack – Bill Heslop
Mrs Levi – Chris Maskell
Barnaby Tucker – Bob Lord
Mrs Molloy – Debra Relton
Minnie Fay – Gennie Holmes
A Cab Man – Greg Cooper
Heidi – Jane Engliss
August – Greg Cooper
Miss Flora Van Huyson – Val Rodgers
Stage Manager – John Barnes
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Ian Knight
Sound Operator – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Dave Cornish
Sound Operator – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Becky Bartlett
Sound Operator – Becky Bartlett
Set Design – Paul Chokran
Set Paint – Louise Bagley
Set Paint – Mark Burden
Set Paint – Paul Chokran
Set Paint – Audrey Cox
Set Paint – Judy Talbot
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Julian Cox
Set Construction – Geoff Eames
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Chris Old
Set Construction – Mark Strong
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Props – Antoinette Brown
Props – John Barnes
Props – Wendy Browning
Prompt – Barbara George
The Programme
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