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Criterion Theatre
Loot (2003)
Written by Joe Orton
Sat 29th March to Sat 5th April
Director – Keith Keer
Production Photos
Mccleavy – Pete Bagley
Fay – Rachel Mcarthur
Hal – Jamie Firth
Dennis – Chris Firth
Truscott – Bill Butler
Meadows – Jonathan Wells
Corpse – Jan Nightingale
Corpse – Karen Williams
Stage Manager – Annie Woodward
Assistant Stage Manager – Nikki Muckle
Prompt – Maggie Parkes
Set Design – Tony Cuttiford
Set Build – Tony Cuttiford
Set Build – Jayne Padfield
Set Build – Mick Padfield
Set Build – Mike Tooley
Set Build – Ben Woodward
Set Paint – Paul Chokran
Set Paint – Pauline Petros
Set Paint – Emma Padfield
Set Paint – Tony Cuttiford
Lighting Design – Dave Cornish
Lighting Design – Raoul Wood
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound Operator – Judy Atkins
Sound Operator – Sam Butler
Sound Operator – Claire Linton
Sound Operator – Raoul Wood
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Props – Les Rahilly
Props – Alleen Rahilly
The Programme
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