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Criterion Theatre
Billy Liar (2004)
Written by Willis Hall & Keith Waterhouse
Sat 27th March to Sat 3rd April
Director – Jon Elves
Director – Matt Sweatman
Production Photos
Billy – Chris Firth
Florence – Maureen Copping
Geoffrey – John Withers
Alice – Ruth Miller
Arthur – Michael Hammond
Barbara – Gennie Holmes
Rita – Emma Padfield
Liz – Nicole Firth
Set Construction – Ben Woodward
Set Construction – Mike Tooley
Set Construction – Des Ali
Set Construction – Jon Miller
Set Construction – Frances Dixon
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Pauline Petros
Set Painting – Dave Saunders
Stage Manager – John Bagley
Prompt – Maggie Parkes
Set Design – Dave Holmes
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Steve Withers
Props – Jan Nightingale
Props – Cathryn Bowler
Props – Tom Mchugh
Costume – Maureen Liggins
Costume – Pam Coleman
Costume – Chris Horne
The Programme
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